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Yes. Both, your account and our service are offered free of charge to you. And irrespective of the number of contracts we manage for you! 

Yes. We forward your notice free of charge to as many providers as possible, either via fax or email. 

There are different reasons for this: Some providers do not accept termination via fax or email; others do not disclose fax numbers or email addresses. If our users have had a bad experience with sending their termination notice by fax or email to a particular provider, we offer termination exclusively via letter or registered mail. This is the only way to guarantee a swift and effective termination. 

We create a win-win-situation, which benefits everyone involved:

You save and receive real money. The providers thereby gain new or keep their existing customers through better offers and we receive a premium for our service.

Privacy and trust

Although our service is free to users, we are of course compensated for our work by the companies. However, we are independent and do not submit offers according to the commission rate, but make every decision based on what’s best for YOU. - If you are satisfied, we keep you as a customer and are recommended by you - we do not just want to collect a quick premium. Our profit lies in your satisfaction - and in sustaining it. Quality is the most important issue for us.

No. Our business model is based on sustained satisfaction and recommendation by our users. By trading data, we would lose credibility and your trust..

All your data is hosted in state-of-the-art data centres in Germany and backed up on exclusive servers. Our technology is encrypted by the acknowledged Norton Extended Validation SSL certificate. Currently, this the highest safety standard.

Yes. All pages are encrypted by Symantec Norton EV SSL certification. In addition, Symantec regularly scans our server for viruses.

No. Your profile is not indexed by search engines, nor is it public. We take privacy very seriously. Your data is nobody else’s business.

Yes, you can delete your account and all related data at any time.

We are the foldAirs® Service centre and you either reach us via email at: or by phone at: 0800 - 3 770 777 (free of charge)


You choose your provider and enter the required data. After signing, you choose the termination delivery method and we will then send the termination for you, according to your wishes. Upon request, you will receive an email confirming that your termination has been sent. This proof can also be downloaded in your account afterwards.

As soon as you have initiated a termination letter. Letters within Germany mostly reach the recipient within 1-2 working days. For letters to other European countries, it usually takes 2-4 working days with Deutsche Post.

If you send your termination via registered mail, you will receive the tracking code via email within 2 days.

Yes, we regularly check and update the contact details of all available providers.

The customer number is indicated on your contracts, statements or bills. If you cannot find it there, you have the option to directly contact your provider. 

Currently, our service is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can be operated worldwide. 

There are three kinds of signatures. Either you use the automatically generated signature; you sign yourself or simply upload an image file. We can process any image formats (e.g. jpeg, png, gif) with a maximum size of 512KB. 

Yes. In § 126a of the BGB (German Civil Code), the validity of such signature is described, this is guaranteed thanks to us.

In case of a fax termination, the delivery confirmation is available on your account within 24 hours. In letters and registered mail, we confirm delivery within 48 hours via email. You will receive the termination confirmation from your provider - this will generally take about 15 days. 


Currently, you can choose between three modes of payment: Direct debit, transfer or credit card. If you choose the transfer option, you will receive the invoice after the termination confirmation via email.

You will find all payment details on the invoice. Please transfer the invoiced amount to the following account:

Recipient: foldAirs GmbH
IBAN: DE34 1005 0000 0190 6988 16
Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

Please indicate your invoice number (VZS......) as the designated use.

A transfer usually takes 1-3 working days. Therefore receipt of payment and payment reminder may concur. We apologise if this happens.

Legal security

Yes. Our termination notices are formulated in a legally valid way and are verified by lawyers. If a provider does not accept a termination notice via fax or email, it can alternatively be sent as a letter or registered mail.

If the provider asks you to submit additional documents (e.g. a death certificate), you should do so.

In most cases. We are a protecting authority towards your provider and convey your termination or requests if mandated by you.

In principle not. We will however gladly recommend you a lawyer with experience in consumer law in the event of disputes with providers, concerns regarding the termination procedure or in the event of fraud. In this regard, please do not hesitate to write to:

Proof of termination

You can download the proof of termination in your account at any time. You will receive a tracking code by registered mail, so that you can trace and prove your termination.

Proof of delivery and termination confirmations are available in your account under the “Documents” tab.

Post-termination assistance

Prior to delivery, some terminations have to be checked for possible duplicates and accuracy concerning the provider’s address. You will receive a transmission confirmation within 48 hours.

The response period of providers varies. If the provider does not respond within 20 days, you should contact us or the provider via telephone or email.

You can download transmission logs online in your account. For this, log in and go to “Documents”.

Since we transmit your termination in real time, it is not possible to cancel it. However, in most cases it is possible to revoke it at the provider. 

Once a termination has been transmitted, it is not possible to change it. In order to make changes to terminations, they must be re-sent. 

Our technology recognises and prevents duplicates. Identical terminations are not sent.

Click (here) to get a new password.

Please check if all information in the termination notification is correct and look up “Termination” in the provider's General Terms and Conditions. As a rule, terminations have to be accepted. If all information has been provided in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, we recommend you to contact us or a lawyer.

Provider data base

In this case, please send us a message, including the company name and website to You will be notified as soon as the provider has been added to our data base.

Please send us a message, including the provider’s name and the correct information to, so that we can search for all further details and information.

Contract management

Yes, our automatic reminders are sent in time and free of charge by SMS, email and/or push. 

Yes. Your contracts and terminations are stored digitally and thus never get lost. This way you always have an overview of your contracts. 

No. Our safety back-ups ensure that you can access your contracts at any time and at any place. We synchronize your contracts between your devices and our server system.

Automatic completion

We request this information directly from the provider and thereby generate the termination date, so that you are reminded in time.

The structure of some contracts, e.g. credit or building loan contracts, does not allow for an automatic completion. This may have different reasons - but it is very rare. 

Experience has shown that we need 14 days to complete all data. Depending on the service level and number of contracts of the respective provider, the period can vary slightly.

With the order you give us the power of attorney to ask for missing information. It is exclusively limited to the acquisition of the respective information and automatically ends when the requested data has been received and entered in your user account. All connections for the update are SSL encrypted. 

Tariff comparison and contract conclusion

We guarantee you 100% independent and non-commission-based recommendations. Our tariff comparisons and suggestions have to be independent, because this is the only way they can comply with our business model.

Our tariff comparison works similar to what you might be acquainted with from comparison sites. You can set filters and matching tariff offers will be presented to you. Shortly, we will also be able to compile highly customized offers for you.

The contract is concluded in your user account. In rare cases, we will also refer you to the provider.

Yes, we are 100% independent. We are not associated to any provider or insurance company. The decision on the respective cooperation partner and the contract category, lies solely with us. Your satisfaction is the goal of our company.

Our technology and our media advisors constantly support you with optimizing your contracts and provide you with attractive alternatives, timely and transparently. Therefore, it is important that you are satisfied with our service and our suggestions. In order to guarantee this, we are 100% neutral and objective. 

We believe that you should have the chance to choose from the most reputable providers and experience a stable and optimized integration. Therefore we sometimes need some time to find the most suitable companies for each category.

After conclusion of a contract, we send the orders to the respective provider. They will additionally send you a confirmation and inform you about the further procedure. This also happens if we refer you to the provider’s site to place your order.

We forward the encrypted data to your selected provider for further processing, so that he can render the service for you.

If you place an order directly on the provider’s site you will enter the data on their website - and thus no transmission is done by us.

Yes. We will add the new contract automatically to your current list of contracts and enter the respective term, termination period and end date, so that you can terminate in time again.

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