The Company

What is foldAirs®?

We are a German company, offering virtual services within the context of consumer protection, because we have realized, that most company relationships between consumers and company are not perceived as such – rather paying your “usual” bills has become a habit.

Unfortunately this “loyalty” is rarely rewarded by the companies, whereas new customers are permanently courted with special offers, gifts, premiums and vouchers. 

So that you do not pay your “usual” bills any longer, but also benefit from better, cheaper offers, we relieve you from the effort of contract terminations, price comparisons and switching providers.

Our Code of Conduct always forms the basis of our commitment

This is foldAirs®

What do we do? 

foldAirs® offers you an exclusive service for all your fixed-term contracts.

Together, we identify all your ongoing contracts, record their renewal due-date and contact you in time with appropriate alternatives.

Regardless, if you wish to terminate, renew or switch - you get the perfect service throughout - from everywhere, at any time and free of charge.

Our goal for you

foldAirs®  is committed to socially responsible production of goods and services. foldAirs® ‘s express aim is to sustainably harmonize economical, ecological and social responsibility within the context of consumer protection.

But above all else we strive for: Serenity, safety and righteousness for all.

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