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Did you know that you can have more money if your fixed-term contracts are actively managed?

Because companies attract new customers with convincing offers, but seldom reward their long-standing customers for their “loyalty” - and this, even though it is about the tacit renewal of a fixed-term contract.

Therefore, you should exploit alltermination periods to reduce your costs and fill up your bank account.

In order to save and secure benefits, such as cash bonuses, gifts or more favourable terms, fixed-term contract should precautionary always be cancelled within the termination period.

The challenges here are that business relationships with companies are either rarely perceived as such, or that comparison, termination and switching efforts are just too high.

Protecting you from endless comparisons and unwanted contract renewals, thereby gaining more time, money and service - this is where foldAirs® comes in.

We compare the performance, prices, rewards and services of different providers for you and guarantee you neutral, independent and transparent advice.

We always provide you with valuable, timely recommendations on how and where you can save your money.

Your satisfaction is our vision!

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